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Leader Self-Defense is an education company that provides self-improvement and self-defense coaching services.  The information provided on this website is based on the personal research, knowledge and experience of the program writers.  As we make a good faith effort to provide effective, accurate, and actionable information, Leader Self-Defense cannot guarantee specific effects or any individual results from our information.  Individual outcomes may vary.

Terms of Service 

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Coaching Programs

Availability: Sun-Sat (8am-9pm)

Choose from one of our four programs:

  • Yoga Coaching ($45/session).

  • Fitness Coaching ($55/session).

  • Self-Defense Coaching ($55/session).  

  • Bootcamp ($65/session).

Each coaching program includes:

  • Individual Goal Adaptable Coaching.

  • Individual and Group Text Support.

  • Flexible Booking Options.

  • Choice of Location Accommodation.





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Self-Improvement E-Book

Availability: Download Now

Inside your digital copy, you will learn:

  • how to change your mindset to focus your time, energy and attention more effectively... (The RYHPP Philosophy)

  • how to take control of your emotions in order to create an environment that is positive, productive and promotes your success. (Self-improvement Advice)

  • easy-to-use life skills that will empower you with the unmatched talent to handle most challenges with skill and absolute confidence. (Life Challenges)





Download your digital copy now.

Reach Your Highest Possible Potential (W

Book Video Course

Availability: Coming January 2020

Inside your course, you will learn:

  • Everything offered from the book (The RYHPP Philosophy, The Self-improvement Advice, Unique Life Challenges,  plus you will receive:

  • New Advice Videos

  • Educational Scenario Videos.

  • Q&A Response Videos. 

  • Access to a Private Members Only Forum.

  • Email and Chat Support.





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In Yoga, we condition your mind, body and emotions by utilizing slow & controlled techniques that target your breathing, balance, flexibility,  core strength and concentration.

Master Your Mind.


In Fitness, we condition your mind and body by utilizing aerobic & anaerobic exercises (calisthenics & resistance) that target your agility, endurance, strength and stamina.

Condition Your Body.


In Self-Defense, we target your agility, awareness, dexterity, power, speed and stamina utilizing specific mixed martial arts techniques such as rapid strikes, redirects, escapes, throws, locks and submissions.

Ensure Your Safety.


In Bootcamp, we take Yoga, Fitness and Self-Defense, and combine the three disciplines into one intensive program.  Self-defense itself is divided into seven specific drills creating a dynamic experience.

Be A Survivor.


Each coaching program focuses on achieving general goals for each session.  However, the programs can be tailored to meet your (or your group's) specific goals, accommodate any individual limitations or push you (or your group) to your (or its) limits.  Your specific goals will be determined during a phone consultation before we establish your coaching schedule.

Our mission is to empower vulnerable women with the necessary mindset and skills to be the best possible version of themselves and fulfill their own basic and higher level needs.  Each coaching program incorporates our proprietary self-improvement philosophy and (life) advice.


Learn different aspects of personal safety including how to protect yourself against acts of verbal and physical aggression.

Ensure Your Safety.




Leader Self-Defense is an education company that provides online coaching services in both self-improvement and self-defense. 


We are focused on delivering video on demand (VOD) programs and interactive video conference coaching on how to proactively realize positive changes in your life and build the self-confidence to skillfully handle verbal and physical confrontations. 


Learn how to reach your goals, take control of your successes and handle most challenges with skill and absolute confidence.

Change Your Mindset.

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